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Individual Care Plan

Comprehensive Healthcare Delivered At Home

Looking for the benefits of a skilled nursing facility in a warm, comfortable environment? Ventria Residence offers just that. Our Community is ideal for those who have undergone surgery or hospitalization, received a joint replacement or sustained injury and want to recover in a warm and friendly environment.

Our Care Services

Our care services over a spectrum of care level including Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing care, including:

1. Assistance with activities of daily living (grooming, bathing, dressing, feeding, oral, nail and hair care)
2. Continence Management
3. Medication Management
4. Wound Care
5. Oxygen Therapy
6. Catheter Care
7. Colostomy Care
8. Diabetes Care
9. Cardiac Care
10. Infectious Diseases Management
11. IV Therapy/TPN/Antibiotic Management
12. Pain Management